Twisted Perfection

For some, love arrives with the gushing force of a river but for Bhavad and Anjali, it flowed in quietly, steadily like a stream. Every love story has its own rhythm and timing and we are going to tell you what theirs was like.

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai
First Glance

Bhavad saw Anjali on Instagram and his heart skipped a beat and soon he figures out they both have mutual friends. While bhavad was preparing his first meet with Anjali he made sure that it looks natural and not planned as Anjali had no idea about it.

Bhavad always had romance in his eyes and it was the only way to steal Anjalis's heart.

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai
How We Met

However they had some mutual friends and they introduced Bhavad & Anjali in a formal way. Introduced by their friends, Bhavad and Anjali's journey of Twisted Perfection started.

This is how Bhavad was preparing for his first conversation

" I guess we never really talked before because the universe was conspiring for us to get to know each other".

While Anjali had no idea about bhavad's first side love.

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai
Feeling of Connection

They added each other on social media. “The first time they connected on Instagram with a simple hey from Bhavad.

Anjali was smiling at the memories they had about the last meet but they’d realized they’d probably never meet again but fate had other plans.

With some formal interactions their friends saw Bhavad & Anjali with smiles and soon their friends had a taste about their Chemistry.

Shot by - PicturePatchPhotography, Mumbai


So they plan to call Bhavad and Anjali at the same place and arranged a surprise proposal where Bhavad was not aware that he has to propose Anjali.

Bhavad was suppose to read out letters kept in the room and propose Anjali which was a perfect twist for them

And as he goes down on his knees, she starts blushing

All I remember is him saying these exact words “I will always be with you through thick and thin. Mujhse shaadi karogi?” and I said, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!”

It was a moment of happy tears she said .

Their love story began within no time and it did not take long for both of them to realize they were made for each other.

Anjali knows why she fell in love with Bhavad, “I love how respectful he is towards the people around him. More than words, it’s how he makes me feel about myself, it is indeed very special.”

As for Bhavad, he says, “There wasn’t one eureka moment that made me fall in love with Anjali. I am still falling in love with her. Pure admiration of her nature and how it complements mine has created a unique force that attracts me towards her. Although, we have a lot of common interests, within these interests we have very different perspectives. The craziest part now is the excitement that she brings out in me for doing things together. Our journey together so far has been effortless.”

Bhavad and Anjali are choosing to spend their lives together and have a strong foundation of love and respect to build this marriage.

And where they are is precious and rare, “Purity and honesty are part of the foundation of any strong relationship. And that’s the reason I believe IN CAPTURING THE MOMENTS .


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