Vatsal + Payal ~ A technical love story

A story of Two IT engineers with technical twist.

When we say love stories it eventually brings you to the Bollywood and Bollywood is the best part about Mumbai. With the Greatest love stories being shown on the huge screen, Vatsal and Payal's Love story is a Bollywood style love story.

Let us see how their connection was made in this - Technical Love story.

Vatsal and Payal are two IT engineers working in the same office.

Vatsal and Payal are two different people with different qualities .

While Payal plays role of a calm girl in the relationship, on the other side Vatsal is total opposite of hers.

First Glance

When Vatsal saw her first, it was her bindi and smile that attracted him towards her.

Sometimes your eyes are stuck and this time he was hacked by her.

Soon he tried to be around her and the very first conversation started with teasing Payal as she was scolded by their instructor .

He had fallen for her heart and soul, and all he wanted was for her to be her true self around him.

Growing Love

They began to talk and meet often and quickly developed a deep friendship unlike any they had ever experienced before. They talked nineteen to the dozen, discovering new things about each other, and soon became each other’s confidante, sharing every moment, every news and every development of their respective lives with one another.

Vatsal started going office regularly, even though he was not well he decided to go office and find himself healing around her.

Between office files they shared their Love letters.

Now Mondays were not anymore boring to Vatsal and weekends made them closer.


Before they knew it, they were head over heels in love

Now both of them were waiting for the moment and soon to take this relationship ahead they confessed their feelings to each other

Thoughts about each other

From the day I met him, I felt like I could let my guard down. I felt comfortable talking to him about anything even though we had just met, and I am usually nervous around new people. He feels like a friend as much as a partner. Someone you can laugh with and share secrets with and talk to about nothing and everything. I am lucky to have found him. I like to think that our bond is Strong enough and it will endure for decades.

Vatsal can’t take his eyes off her as he says, “The unquestionable chemistry we felt the day we met evolved over time into a relationship that I feel secure in. I’ve never felt the need to impress her and always knew that even the silliest of my actions would not make me any less attractive in her eyes. Our conversations with each other are easy and the words just flow naturally between us.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

After three years of sharing their joys and sorrows, long drives and Bollywood track sing-a-longs, they knew it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

A Gujarati Munda and Marathi Mulgi are now not only getting Married by they are also joining two families and rituals connect the same way their love did.

Having watched more than 100 Movies finally their Love story is being Published

While roaming around the streets of Mumbai and reliving their moments spent, we captured their bond in gorgeous frames the two will cherish forever.

Before we say goodbye have a look to these pictures .

When love connects it makes you fall for the person no matter what caste you belong to.

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