The first thing people think of when they hear weddings, is the photography right?
Most of wedding media focuses on the pretty details and the things you can spend money on but the actual wedding isn't the first dance, or the cute photo booth, but the first emotional moment.
The wedding itself is the ceremony and the ceremony is the part that is often forgotten till the very last minute.
If your wedding ceremony is an honest reflection of your feelings for each other, everyone will be so looking for happiness.
 In short, a great ceremony is the ultimate wedding hack.
But a great wedding photography service? is the question.
We work as a team where we pay attention to your every cheerful, emotional, laughter moment.
Because when you look back, it turns out that what you said when you promised to build a life together often matters more than the color of the bridesmaid dresses.
An unforgettable  memory to carry forever is what we deliver.
Wedding is a mixture of Cocktails, Sangeet, Traditional Ceremony, Haldi, Mehendi, Laughter, Get together and most importantly a love to be captured.

Private Events 

Birthday Parties
Anniversary Functions
Religious Function


Corporate Parties
Thanks Giving
  • Raw data is the whole coverage of the event.

    We submit the raw data to the clients as they can start to see their photographs.

    Raw data is non edited photographs and video

    Raw Data

  • We make sure that every data you receive brings a smile on your face  and to bring that smile we take time to edit.

    Also we promise to give you the work as soon as possible with the best quality.

    Work Time 

  • All Photographs you receive are edited.

    Photographs are given in a sequence  of numbers which make it an easy way for clients to select pictures .

    Videos are edited and exported in the best quality so that you don't have to zoom in and look for the details.

    Edited Work

  • Once the work is checked by the clients we finalize the projects and later it is delivered to the clients.

    Final Checking

  • Photographs and videos once edited and finalized by the clients will be given to them in a hard disk (which clients has to provide to us).

    Backup copy remains with us.




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